About a truck of Toyota, an engine of the Dyna

I make a 3RZ-FE type (2.7L gasoline engine), a 3RZ-FPE type (2.7L LPG engine), the exhaust of the 1BZ-FPE type (4.1L LPG engine) clean and meet exhaust emission regulation in 2001 and acquire A - low exhaust authorization. In addition, I uploaded the output of the alternator by car mounted with a gasoline engine, LPG engine, a CNG engine, and an AT car was added to a car mounted with a 3RZ-FE type engine.
I improve part of 1t product system. A 1TR-FE type of 2.0L is carried newly by a gasoline engine car. I balanced environmental performance (the "good - low exhaust" authorized acquisition) with up of the output performance. Exhaust is made clean by having made fuel control high precision, and the LPG car acquires "A - low exhaust" authorization. In addition, 4 cars system was added to the AT car of the gasoline engine car newly. Although I was not changed, as for design in itself, the headlight became the thing integral with the blinker position lamp, and, as a surface change, the split bar of the light unit disappeared. The tail lamp is changed, too and becomes the diversion of the 40 system land cruiser sequentially, but a light reflector is changed to the thing which there is not on the lens, and a light reflector of the round shape is equipped with under the tail lamp.

About Toyota's Used Truck, The Dyna